Promotion Of Carpooling In The Business And Industrial Zone Of Atarfe (spain)

The mobility survey at the industrial zones of Atarfe showed that a high percentage of employees were willing to switch to carpooling, making this mobility measure a valid solution for changing the mobility behaviour of the employees and reducing the number of cars, pollution and energy consumption.


Parties Involved in the Organisation and Implementation of the Service:
- ALTERnet
-  Agencia Provincial de la Energía de Granada

In many cases carpooling is organised in a spontaneous and informal way among colleagues that carry out a similar home-work trip. The local stakeholders recognised the need to promote this mode of transport and enable the wider creation of groups of employees that can share the home-work trip. This was offered through the creation of a partnership with the existing carpooling platform “Granada Comparte” (

Carpooling offers a number of benefits:

  • Reducing the number of cars in circulation and in the parking areas.
  • Reducing overall cost of transportation by sharing the costs among several users.
  • Reduction of stress as occupants take turns in driving.
  • Reduction of the space devoted to parking (saving rental places, etc.).
  • Reduced investment in more infrastructures.
  • Reduction of accidents by up to 30% .

“Granada Comparte” is a project developed by the Provincial Council of Granada and the Provincial Energy Agency of Granada designed to promote carpooling in the local territory. The project consists of a web platform, which brings together people wishing to carpool, as well as a number of meeting points in the municipalities of the province of Granada where citizens can meet with registered users of the platform and share the trip.

Include image of the platform

The local stakeholders chose to create a partnership with the “Granada Comparte” project as it offered many advantages:
• an existing “community” of carpoolers;
• greater chance of success within a shorter period;
• saving money;
• continuity of the initiative even after the conclusion of MoMa.BIZ.

Within the framework of this collaboration a specific section was created at the “Granada Comparte” platform dedicated to the employees of the industrial zone of Atarfe and meeting points were situated in the BIZ of Atarfe.

Different communication channels were used for the promotion of the initiative and included:
• social networks, i.e. facebook;
• the Local Mobility Group meetings;
• the local newsletter.