What is MoMa.BIZ?


Industrial areas are often difficult to reach, frequently located on vacant land on the periphery of medium-sized cities and so the car becomes the only means by which workers can reach them. The Mobility Management for Business and Industrial Zones (MoMa.BIZ) project aims to alleviate this problem and reduce substantially car use through the implementation and promotion of sustainable mobility.


MoMa.BIZ is a European project implemented in Business and Industrial Zones (BIZ) located in small/medium towns of 5 European countries.

Participating countries

The Aim
The main aim of MoMa.BIZ is to contribute towards the promotion and dissemination of sustainable mobility in business and industrial zones across Europe through the creation of:

  1. an innovative methodology for the development of mobility plans at BIZ;
  2. Boxed Solutions: a set of guidelines, flexible and easy to adapt for the successful planning and implementation of standard mobility actions at BIZ across Europe;
  3. a mobility labelling system designed for BIZ.


What makes MoMa.BIZ innovative?
The innovation in MoMa.BIZ lies in its participatory approach. The project aims in involving the local stakeholders (employees, companies, worker unions, local authorities, public transport operators etc.) of BIZs in the entire planning process of mobility plans:

  • identification of the problems related to the accessibility of their BIZ;
  • identification and analysis of possible solutions;
  • selection of the mobility solutions to be included in the mobility plan.

The advantage of this bottom-up approach is that it guarantees the identification and implementation of realistic and commonly agreed mobility solutions that meet the actual needs of the BIZ and are successful.


Who can benefit?
Mobility Managers of companies and industrial zones, as well as Local Authorities can greatly benefit from the MoMa.BIZ outcomes and deliverables.

  • The methodology for the development of mobility plans will provide you with useful information and guidance for the creation of a successful mobility plan.
  • The boxed solutions will provide you with a set of ready to implement mobility solutions at your BIZ.
  • The mobility labelling system will provide clear and straight forward communication of the existing transport modes available for accessing your BIZ.