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BOX 1: Cycling
The BIZ could be reached by an employee or a visitor with a bicycle - less than 10 km from home.
The BIZ has a clear strategy and facilities for preventing bike theft.
The BIZ companies provide changing rooms, showers and lockers for employees who use bicycles for home-work trips and for work-related trips.
The BIZ provides bikes for the employees/visitors to use within the BIZ area.
The BIZ provides a pool of bikes to the employee for work and non-work trips.
The BIZ promotes cycling for work-related trips.
The BIZ offers a Bike & Ride service and the corresponding facilities.
The BIZ has an internal bike network with safe bike lanes, bike ramps, bike racks, etc. and offers services for cyclists such as bicycle maintenance.
The BIZ is aware of the current cycling infrastructures in the surrounding area and collaborates with the local authorities in order to improve them and make them safer.