Parque Industrial Del Bierzo, Ponferrada (spain)

The parque industrial del Bierzo is located on the west side of the city of Ponferrada (pop 68,508) 1,8km away from the town centre. It is made up of two areas, PIB I and PIB II, which were created in the 1980’s and 2000 respectively. Those two parts are separated by the main road that runs through the BIZ.

The BIZ of Ponferrada is characterised by the presence of a high number of SMEs companies with less than 10 employees and only 8% of businesses have more than 25 employees. However, 58% of the people working at the BIZ are employed by a single company, a call centre.

The companies located at the BIZ are engaged predominantly in the automotive industry and services (65%) followed by construction and furniture activities (21%).

The Municipality of Ponferrada is currently the only body with decisional, organisational and executive power for the development, maintenance and management of the parque industrial del Bierzo and there is no body representing the companies in it.


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