September 2010 - Experts Exchanges in Zurich (Jona)

On the 27th, 28th and 29th of September 2010 the second project meeting of MoMa.BIZ took place in Switzerland. The main aim of the 2nd meeting was to achieve the first stage of the transfer of experiences, know-how and competences between the partners, on subjects relevant to the project such us mobility management, the establishment of public-private partnerships, networking etc. that will facilitate the implementation of the project at a local level. The meeting also aimed at presenting to the partners an example of good practice in the area of Mobility Management and, in particular, on the Mobility Management for companies. Therefore, the town of Zurich was chosen for the study visit as it presents one of the best examples of mobility management in Europe and has a programme dedicated to the promotion of sustainable mobility to companies since 2003. The exchange of experience between the partners took place on the 27th and 28th of September, whereas the study visit in Zurich took place on the 29th.

Exchange of Experience

A number of subjects that were of interest to the partners where covered during the first two days of the meeting, the list of which is presented below:

  • iMpronta - Mobility Management
  • EAP - Good practices on mobility management
  • Tartu - How to combine mobility with services (i.e. school, shops)
  • SSCCI - How to involve companies in the project
  • EREN/ALTERnet - How to involve politicians in the project
  • iMpronta -Web 2.0 & how to use the project’s website
  • SSCCI - Surveys
  • iMpronta - Lime Survey tool, how to use it
  • EREN - Communication
  • ALTERnet - EU Networks (how to create them and keep them active)
  • Tartu - Street and parking planning

The decision on the subjects that were covered and the partner responsible for each one of them was taken during the project’s Kick-off meeting that took place in June 2010. This part of the meeting was a very interesting activity for three main reasons: 1) very educative activity characterised by an exchange of a vast variety of information and know-how; 2) it gave the opportunity to the consortium to understand the competencies and field of expertise of each other; 3) it helped to create a bonding between the different organisation participating at the project.


Study Visit in Zurich

The study visit was a very inspiring moment and a great opportunity for the partners to see in practice mobility management solutions and their positive impact in the quality of life.

The study visit to Zurich was made possible thanks to the contribution of the Municipality of Zurich, that accompanied us throughout the day and carried out very interesting presentations on their mobility management programme.

The visit’s programme included:

  • presentations by experts of the Municipality of Zurich followed by discussions covering the subjects of Zurich’s Mobility Strategy, Mobility Management for Companies with examples (programme MIU) and Zurich's cycling policy;
  • visit at Sihlcity (urban district of the city of Zurich) and presentation of the mobility measures implemented;
  • visit to the Company of Alcatel-Lucent and presentation of the mobility measures implemented;
  • visit by foot of the implemented cycling measures in Zurich.


The presentations carried out by the Municipality of Zurich are available below: