Mobility Week And Green Mobility Label Award Ceremony At The Factory For Non-ferrous Metals, Plovdiv (bulgaria)

By adopting the Transport and Mobility Improvement Plan, the Factory for Non-Ferrous Metals (FNM) together with the Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP) considered it vital to promote it to the employees. Thus, the Mobility Week at FNM was organised, particularly distinguished with the Green Label Award Ceremony. It consisted of a press conference, presentations on the MoMa.BIZ partnership, informational materials given, expert consultations and individual trip advice.

Parties Involved in the Organisation and Implementation:

- Energy Agency of Plovdiv
- Factory for Non-Ferrous Metals
Duration: 25/2/2013 – 1/3/2013

A special part of the Mobility Week was the demonstration of cargo bicycles that were provided to FNM by the EAP. Articles on mobility and green transport modes were published in the BIZ newsletter. Additionally, MoMa.BIZ newsletters were produced and disseminated, presenting the story of the transport success of FNM as facilitated by the MoMa.BIZ Project. Moreover, the management and commuters were given ideas on how to find good matches and organise their trips with colleagues. The commuter behaviour proves to be flexible, i.e. employees are ready to change and share their trips. However, the lack of knowledge and a good matching service has been preventing them from doing so. FNM and EAP announced their plans for introducing a carpooling platform for the employees; and a campaign for carpooling is starting.

Another focus of the Ceremonial Day was the presentation of the Parking management map which allocates special parking spaces for green vehicles and shared trips, and information about the location of important services in the BIZ buildings, bus stops, information points, etc. They will become part of a good parking and space management programme in future.

Within the MoMa.BIZ Project, the Factory for Non-Ferrous Metals, with the support of the Energy Agency of Plovdiv, had the chance of rethinking its transport and mobility policies and strategy. The long list of improvement measures rose the FNM transport state-of-the-art from zero to excellent, making it not only the first company in Bulgaria conducting a transport and mobility plan, but also a success story across Europe.

Costs & Benefits 

At the start of the Mobility Plan, six scenarios for the cost-benefits of its implementation were developed. Having conducted the Mobility Week and Award Ceremony, the realistic scenario for changing the attitude of the individual commuters proved to be shift towards carpooling (50%) and collective transport (50%), because the informational activities helped the commuters find answers to their questions and resolve doubts about travel. Thus, the modal shift achieved will lead to a reduction of 25% in the fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and transport costs per employee. The total saved costs per employee will be 13 Euro (the costs of the standard travel card is 18 Euro) and the corresponding emissions - 9,15 kg CO2/y.