International Seminar on Flexible Transport

Programme of the International Seminar on Flexible Transport

The traditional bus system is losing appeal in areas which are not densely populated and the competition with the car is getting stronger and stronger. Are there solutions for making public transport more competitive, more flexible, and bring it closer to the needs of citizens?

Location: Province of Asti, Piazza Alfieri 33, Asti, Italy (see map)

Date: 24 January 2011

Time: 8:30

The International Seminar on Flexible Transport will attempt to give an answer to these questions by taking a close look to the solutions offered by flexible transport (on demand transport).

In particular, the Seminar will examine the application, analysis, design and organization of flexible transport services and will present the case studies of:


  • Introduction to Flexible Transport - Dr. Steve Wright, University of Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Flexible Transport: analysis and design - Valentino Zanin, Tema S.r.l.
  • Flexible Transport - Prof. Alessandro Lué, Poliedra Polytechnic of Milan
  • PubliCar, the Swiss experience - Antonio Massa, CarPostal
  • Flexible Transport in the Province of Livorno, Italy - Bruno Bastogi, Public Transport Agency of Livorno, Italy
  • Provibus, the case of Turin, Italy - Teodora Hadzhiivanova, Province of Turin, Italy
  • CallBus, the case of Basiglio, Italy - Cirillo Marco Flavio, Mayor of the Municipality of Basiglio (MI), Italy
  • Eccobus, the case of Alessandria, Italy - Arch. Massimo Vigneri, ATM Alessandria, Italy
  • Stadium, on demand transport for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa - Monica Giannini, Stadium Project SA demo Coordinator,


The Seminar is aimed at local authorities, public transport operators, mobility experts, community groups, and the public in general. The participation at the Seminar is free of charge but is necessary to register by filling in the Registration Form present on the site, or by sending an email at the address indicating name, surname, job title and telephone number.


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