Mobility Labelling


Mobility Label Example

The beta version of the Mobility Labelling Tool is currently being tested. The beta version of the tool is available below and mobility and transport experts are invited to provide their feedback and contribute to the finalisation of this tool.

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One of the objectives of MoMa.BIZ is the establishment of a Mobility Labelling System that will serve in two objectives:

  1. The promotion of sustainable modes of transport as it will provide clear and fast information regarding the sustainable modes of transport towards the companies/BIZ that adopt it.
  2. The promotion of sustainable mobility in general, across Europe, thanks to the interest of companies in promoting an environmental friendly image.

This labelling system is mainly aimed for Business and Industrial Zones (BIZ) but thanks to its flexibility it can also be used for individual companies too.

The design of such a system is based on the Boxed Solutions Methodology the project has developed and the labelling used for indicating the energy efficiency of electric appliances, i.e. A++, A+, A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

Download the tool in excel form here