MoMa.BIZ at a glance

Mobility Info Days Asti 2013What is MoMa.BIZ?

An international project involving 6 partners accross europe in order to reduce the impact of private mobility in Business and Industrial Zones.

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Soluzioni in Scatola per la Mobilità Sostenibile Boxed Solutions

Ready Made solutions for company managers.

Request a Box with solutions which you can adapt and implement easily, even if you are not a professional mobility manager.

Or  read online the Boxed Solutions for sustainable Mobility (PDF)

Etichetta Energetica per Aree industriali e Aziende Mobility Labelling for Companies and BIZ

Your business district like a fridge? Yes, the label makes it immediately clear where you can improve and where you are.

BETA: Create online your mobility label. It's easy!


Increase the value of your real estate and improve the relationship with your workers.

Il Canale Youtube di MomaBIZYoutube Channel: MomaBIZ

Watch the video audits of the Business District Involved. Look at what was done, attend online training.

Formazione per Tecnici, Politici e Mobility ManagerTraining for Decision Makers
We have been training dozens of decision makers accross Europe on the following subjects: Sustainable Mobility, Mobility Management, Flexible and On Demand Transport Services, della Urban Planning and Mobility Management. You can review our training on our  e-learning platform. If you want a live training, please contattact us.